Ron's Open Hot Spot

Power Over Ethernet - Access Point Side

DC power using pins 4 and 5 for (+) and pins 7 and 8 for (-)

Packaged in a single-connector wall-mount wiring box

This end has the DC power and connects to the other box

This end connects to the access point

Connectors for Ethernet and DC power

Power Over Ethernet - Network Side

Data connections connected-through, DC power connected on wiring side

Packaged in a dual-connector wall-mount box

Connectors for network side (Ethernet switch) and wiring side (to other box)

Cable to DC power supply

The Router (in the Attic)

Mounting plate for wireless router, wiring back to network side below

Mounting plate again, cables from antennas

The wireless router and the POE unit mounted

Everything connected

Antennas cables heading towards the rafters

Antennas cables going through the roof vent


View of antennas from the street

A closer view

The antennas are mounted on two PVC 90 degree elbows

The elbows are attached to a single-gang PVC eletrical box

Silicon was used to hold the antennas in-place so that they could be removed later if required

The elbows are attached to the box using PVC solvent/cement

The electrical box is screw-mounted to a plank (from the inside inside), which is screw-mounted to the ridge of the roof
The box was mounted off-centre to correct for the angle of the ridge cap

The antenna cables are feed through a flexible conduit ...

... to a roof vent, and then in to the attic